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Raspberry Canes

We grow 8 varieties of Raspberry canes which are lifted between autumn and spring when the plants are dormant.

Early season varieties


Glen Clova is an early ripening with a long cropping period. Has a heavy yield. Glen Clova has a firm fruit suitable for canning, freezing and jam making.

Mid season varieties


Malling Jewel is an old established variety, good flavour and quality. It is good for all markets.


Glen Prosen has spin free canes, fruit is medium size and red in colour. It plugs easily and is good for long cane fruit production. It offers the longest fruiting season.


Glen Ample has a high yield of large and firm fruit. It has a good shelf life with the berries being sweet in flavour which is good for fresh and processing outlets. These are spine free upright canes that the fruit holds well onto. It is resistant to 2 strains of Aphid Vector Virus but susceptible to Root Rot, Spur Bright and Cane Rust.

Late season varieties


Autumn Bliss produces a medium to large sized red fruit with a pleasant flavour. This will yield berries from August until the first frost. It has good resistance to raspberry root rot disease. It needs very little support.


Tulameen produces a attractive, glossy fruit with a distinct conical shape and excellent flavour.


Octavia a new variety that  yields large, red fruit that easily detaches. It has an excellent shelf life. It is a hardy cane that is resistant to Cane Botrytis and Cane Spot, but susceptible to Root Rot.


Glen Magna has a high yield of large, dark red berries. Canes upright, vigorous with fruit on strong and erect laterals. Glen Magna is resistant to strains of Aphid Vector Virus and R.B.D.V. Not machine harvestable, but excellent for frozen fruit.

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