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Strawberry plants

We grow 18 varieties of strawberry plants all of which are available as fresh dug plants from early September onwards . We can continue to supply fresh dug bare root plants until late spring if required.  All plants can be supplied as cold stored if pre-ordered.

Older traditional varieties


Red Gauntlet is a bright red fruit, resistant to red core. Red Gauntlet is popular market variety, becoming outclassed.


Cambridge Vigour is earlier than Favourite; was popular as first of the season, and has become outclassed. Cambridge Vigour produces good size fruit on maiden plants.


Cambridge Favourite was a popular first class cropper; fruit travels fairly well and is fairly resistant to Mildew and Botrytis. Cambridge favourite is becoming outclassed.


Honeoye is 4-6 days before Elsanta. Honeoye is orange/red fruit and is susceptible to Verticilium Wilt.


Hapil is large, bright glossy fruit. Yield is high. Vigorous plants. Hapil is a P.Y.O favourite, but is susceptible to Verticilium Wilt.

Other strawberries


Elsanta is the most popular strawberry, a prime variety for the supermarkets. Elsanta has a high yield, good flavour, medium to large firm orange fruit with good self life. Elsanta is susceptible to Verticilium Wilt and mildew.


Eros was released in 1994, bred at HRI. Eros has an attractive regular conical mid red fruit, with a firm skin and flesh. Its firmness is similar to Elsanta. Eros produces more large fruit and maintains size better. Also resistant to two common races of Red Core. Eros is moderately susceptible to Powdery Mildew and Wilt.


We are the only propagator of Rosie. Early June-bearer Strawberry. Rosie fruits regular conical shape with firm skin and good flavour, glossy finish, darker than Elsanta. Yields similar to Honeoye but less waste. Rosie is suitable for all types of retail outlets. Plants are susceptible to Powdery Mildew, Wilt and Crown Rot, so a spray programme similar to that used for Elsanta is recommended. Rosie is moderately vigorous with good runner production.


Pegasus has a high yield of bright glossy fruit. Pegasus is resistant to Verticilium Wilt, used as a P.Y.O variety.


Rhapsody is a late variety that is resistant to Red Core. Rhapsody is moderately resistant to Wilt. It doesn’t suffer from Mildew. Rhapsody has large to medium fruit which are glossy red.


Sophie is late season 2 weeks after Elsanta. Its fruit has conical shape and is dark red in colour. Sophie is moderately firm medium size (25-36 mm). It plants vigorous, fruit well displayed on long stems. Sophie is susceptible to Powdery Mildew and other common soil borne diseases, so a spray programme similar to Elsanta is needed.


Florence is late season -10 days after Elsanta, between Pegasus and Rhapsody. Florence’s fruit is regular conical shape with a firm skin and flesh. Full red colour with a matt finish. Its yield is between Bogota and Elsanta. Florence average fruit size is large and less wastage. The plants moderately vigorous. Florence erects habit with well displayed fruit. Resistant to Powdery Mildew and other fungal diseases.


Alice’s fruit as an attractive, glossy finish is bright orange/red in colour. Alice is 7 days later than Elsanta, and resistant to Verticilium Wilt and Crown Rot. Alice is less susceptible to Powdery Mildew than Elsanta.


Calypso is large to medium size. Calypso has firm regular and attractive fruit.


Lucy is a very large firm mid red fruit, season similar to Symphony (7 days later than Elsanta). Lucy is good in drought and as 60 day plants.


Cupid has a high yield of good berries. Cupid has a useful level of resistance to Verticilium Wilt, Crown Rot, Black Spot and Powdery Mildew.


Vibrant crops 7 days ahead of Sonata medium to large berries firm and well flavoured. Vibrant will double crop in some years with good fruit in September.


Elegance is a newer main crop variety. Elegance is a bright and glossy berry, which are orange/red in colour and uniformly conic.


Sweetheart season as Elsanta. Sweetheart has attractive berries which are uniformly conic, larger and slightly darker than Elsanta, with good skin strength.