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We grow many varieties of Strawberry plants, Raspberry canes Blackcurrants, Redcurrants, Whitecurrants and Gooseberry plants which we supply to all types of customers. We can also supply (by arrangement with local growers) Tay, logan and blackberry plants also fruit trees and bare rooted hedging plants.

Strawberry plants

We grow 18 varieties of strawberry plants all of which are available as fresh dug plants from early September onwards . We can continue to supply fresh dug bare root plants until late spring if required.  All plants can be supplied as cold stored if pre-ordered.
Raspberry canes

Raspberry canes

We grow 10 varieties of Raspberry canes which we recommend are lifted from November onwards , as they enter dormancy , until early spring.


Blackcurrant bushes are supplied as 2 year old bushes with a minimum of 3 shoots from early November. There are 5 varieties which can give a long picking season.

Redcurrants & Whitecurrants

We have 5 Varieties of red currant and one of white currant which are supplied as 2year bushes


We grow and supply a range of 6 Gooseberry varieties, available from early November as 2 year bushes.

Blackberries, tayberries, loganberries and others

Blackberry Tayberry and Loganberry plants are supplied as potted plants from one of our suppliers.

Fruit trees and bare rooted hedging pants

Fruit trees and bare rooted Hedging pants can be sourced and supplied to your requirements .